Survivalcraft 1.28 Update [REVIEW]

Okay so i haven’t played survivalcraft in what seems like a year and there hasn’t been an update within that time. To be honest, this update is simply the worst one yet. First i just want to start off with one of my least favorite. The Gun. The gun has been requested for a very long time and i always thought it was such a useless edition to the game but here we go, we have it. if kaalus was going to give something that was really requested he should have put out multiplayer or any other logical request. The only thing guns are going to be good for are various maps. The worst thing this update offers is the fireworks. who needs fireworks? i’m so tired of kaalus putting this useless stuff in the game and not putting in more building blocks and more food and just more useful stuff. There’s only a few things this update offers that i like. I like the iron ladders,Improved animations, and the dispensers are pretty cool. This update is just too minecraft. I feel like this update had no thought to it. All together this is the worst update yet.

rating: 1/5


Survivalcraft PC [Review]

I am probably late on this but today i checked the market and saw that SC has made its way to PC. when i bought SC, it was from google play so sadly i will have to buy it again. anyways heres my thoughts on the “new SC”. personally, i think its okay. the reason i think its okay is, the controls. the controls aren’t the best. The move buttons should really be the arrow keys. the w,a,s,d keys are just annoying. i could get used to the keys but the arrow keys are just so fitting. but on the bright side, there’s a chance for more mods since SC is on PC! The place and break buttons should be flip flopped. i tried building a small house and i kept breaking half of it due to the buttons. really everything’s great but the controls. overall, i will most likely buy it again, but i just wish in the future Kaalus fixes the move buttons and switch the break and place buttons, well fix the controls as they sorta ruin the game. That’s just my opinion. 

For now, SC PC gets:  ☆ ☆ ☆ (3 Stars)

*if there’s anything you guys want me to check out/review let me know and if i’m interested i’ll do it.



Building A Town: With A Twist

So i have been playing the sims for a while now and for those who play, you’ll know that you can build your own town. So ive decided i would build my own town since i sorta picked up how to build (i’m still getting the hang of it). When i finish the town i will of course put it up for download. Though I wont actually finish the town for a while. This is just an idea but im like 80% sure i would like to try it. If you have any questions or ideas either email me or leave me a comment.



My Top 10 Request For SC 1.28

Hey, this is a list of my top 10 request for SC, more specifically it’s next update (1.28)

  • More Biomes
  • A lot more food
  • More plants
  • More building blocks
  • More wood types 
  • “Villagers”
  • More glass
  • Clothe displays
  • Being able to edit the clothes 
  • Taming animals

That’s my top 10 request do SC!



Selfish Prints Name Change & Comeback!

So since I’m back on the blog, I saw my store, I really like the idea but I want to make it of my own brand. So I am now changing the store name and merch type. My store will now be called: “Selfish Co.” I will put up my own “merch brand” and I hope you all love it. I’m really hoping my comeback brings a lot of people back to SC because that would be amazing! Also I am writing more stories for my newspaper blog!


Back To Blogging!

hey, I have decided I probably won’t stick around on twitter but I will continue my blog as it is pretty fun. I’m bringing back my news paper blog and starting to do reviews on this blog! I just posted my SC 1.27 review so please check that out if your interested. That’s about it for now.


SurvivalCraft 1.27 Review!

So Kaalus just released the new update for SC! I actually find this update to be very useful and it may be the best one released yet. One thing I’m shocked about is “Carpets”. Two years ago I saw carpets in a Minecraft video and wished they would be added to SC and they finally have! The carpets are great minus the fact you can’t stack them up to make a cool designs. Lets get started on all the new things added:


  • Ported all code to new cross-platform Engine
  • Removed obsolete compatibility settings
  • Made chests collect items thrown at them
  • Added summoning of lightning in creative
    Added shader-based, proper water translucency
  • Added cavalry boots, long johns, socks, sweater
  • Added moose
  • Added campfire
  • Added carpets
  • Overhauled mouse/keyboard control to production quality
  • Fixed tallgrass, flowers and gravestone drops
  • Increased short inventory slots to 6
  • New health, temperature, hunger bars
  • Chasing creatures will eventually get bored
  • Dangerous animals will chase when touched
  • Animals will get out of player’s way when pushed
  • Added Engine logo
  • Pathfinding algorithm improvements
  • Added wooden leggings (armor)
  • Added support for very wide aspect ratio (21:9 and more)
  • Added picking of block type with middle mouse button
  • Added explosions to lightning strikes
  • Added leather sandals, cowboy hat, fedora
  • Made player start with more clothes
  • Added game log viewer in settings
  • Added flowing water and magma ambient sounds
  • Fixed particles of painted blocks
  • Added milking sounds
  • Made back button exit panels instead of going to pause screen
  • Fixed drowning

Honestly, this is an update SC needed for so long. I really wish more food would be added to the game. But I am fairly happy with this new update. The past updates have been very upsetting and not very good but this one sure shows what Kaalus can do. The bugs are the worst of any update. They of course are getting or have been fixed now. I really like the “campfire” alot, its small but still looks awesome! A truly great addition to the game as well as the hunger, temp, health bars. That really was annoying in the “Survival” mode, when you had to click the button to open stats. If you are a person who plays in “Creative” you should know how annoying it was to only have four squares to use, and have to go to the inventory constantly to change your material, finally Kaalus gave us more squares! Now if only we could get the dig speed a little faster. The clothes have been a great addition but pretty much takes out the reason to make cool skins. It looks kind of bad when your “Person” has clothes on from the skin your using and have overlapped clothes. I hope in feature updates Kaalus can make it where we can edit the clothes and make it our own. I never have been a fan of most of the animals in the game, since its usually not an animal i’d want but it wouldn’t be an SC update without at least one new animal. I want more “interesting” animals. Like an elephant for example, or a turtle, snake, etc. I think someone said he couldn’t add an elephant but I think it could be possible. Like I said at the beginning of my review, this is the best update so far, It makes me want to play SC again and that’s amazing!

I’ll give SC 1.27: ☆☆☆☆ 4 1/2 Stars

Thanks for checking out my review! I will be reviewing more things soon! (skins, worlds, textures, updates, etc.)